Emma Stone won her second Best Actress Oscar last month for her performance in Poor Things. And now it’s Emmy season. I know, I know, it feels like it’s early to be talking about the Emmys because the Emmys just happened in January but that was only because of the strikes and the Emmys are usually in September and we are currently in the thick of nomination consideration. 


The Emmy eligibility period ends at the end of May. Submissions for nominations must be in by early May. Nomination voting begins just over a month after that. So all the series who want in on the Emmys are getting in front of voters right now, including Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder who cover the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter to talk about their show The Curse. 


Honestly I totally forgot about The Curse, probably because I couldn’t finish it. It was a similar experience in my personal pool of friends and colleagues, I just messaged Duana about this – and, like me, she doesn’t know anyone who did. Or could. I couldn’t get through it. I was too… annoyed and exasperated and exhausted. But then again, Nathan Fielder isn’t my thing. I respect his craft, it’s just not for me. 

But my circle is a tiny inconsequential slice of experience. And it certainly doesn’t represent the Television Academy. Most experts are predicting that The Curse will be nominated in the Outstanding Drama Series category. Drama? Not comedy? Category shenanigans are common with awards – see also The Bear, not a f-cking comedy! – but in this case, I agree. It is a drama. Because none of what I saw, at least, was funny to me. 


I suspect, though, that the category selection has less to do with the actual content than the time. Episodes of The Curse are one-hour long. That’s the stupidly narrow criteria on which this sh-t is decided. 

So, back to Emma and Nathan and their chance at Emmy. Other possible contenders in the Drama category include The Crown, The Morning Show, Fallout, The Gilded Age, and my personal favourite Mr & Mrs Smith. With Succession out of the way now, I’m curious to see what this race is going to look like. 

As for individual nominations, both Emma and Nathan have been submitted in their Actress and Actor categories so Emma’s coming onto the field as a two-time Oscar winner and we’ve seen this before – Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, Olivia Colman, Oscar winners working in television and winning the Emmy. You cannot count out Emma Stone in this race, and she might even be The Favourite, no pun intended, because, well, as we saw with the Oscars, there is a tremendous amount of goodwill towards her in the industry, in the film industry at least. The Hollywood community loves Emma Stone. And almost all of the time, awards are a popularity contest. So there’s a very good chance that by this fall, Emma Stone will hold both the Oscar and the Emmy titles.