Emily, our site manager, is based in Vancouver. Every night before she wraps up, she sends over a photo list from our agencies that I look at in the mornings to start setting the posting order for the day. Today the last item on the list was: 

After Edward press night – Andrew Garfield, Tom Stuart  

I wasn’t expecting to use these shots. I saw Andrew’s name on the list, he’s a notable name, but my first reaction was, OK, he showed up to support his friends in a play, the pictures probably aren’t that interesting and he’s been pretty quiet lately, with no projects of his own to promote and he’s not getting back together with Emma Stone and he quit Rita Ora so… 

Still, I decided to check anyway, just to make sure there wasn’t anything I was missing. Good decision. Excellent decision. Because I am DELIGHTED by his outfit. 

Look at this. First of all, the red satin shirt would be enough, under any circumstances. But he’s not only wearing a red satin shirt, he’s working it with a camel jacket and a pair of 70s style men’s jeans like he raided the Ron Burgundy costume department. And I’m not complaining!

No, he’s not in the play so this is not like a straight-from-the-stage, “I’m still in character” situation, at least not After Edward. Maybe he was coming from a different set but that seems unlikely since I’m pretty sure he’s not actually working on anything right now. And besides, I much prefer the explanation that this is just what he wanted to wear for a night out, that he had it in his closet and he was, like, “Why not? I’ll have my picture taken, I’m feeling it right now, I have the hips for it, and I’m tired of my usual khakis and athleisure, I’m over the joggers and the tapered trouser, I’m going for it with the Burt Reynolds thing. And if anyone can make a red satin shirt NOT skeezy, it’s me!” That’s not a lie. 

Sometimes, some outfits don’t need to have a backstory, not when they’re so life-giving. Let us not ask why. Let us just enjoy as is.