*This is your official spoiler alert. There WILL be heavy plot reveals throughout so keep that in mind before reading this post!*

It’s Lexi’s time to shine. 


Who doesn’t love an underdog story? We also saw enough before the episode to know that it was going to be a big exposé of almost every Euphoria character in front of the whole school. Like, major airing of laundry. As an avid Lexi supporter, I was excited to finally see her character get the attention she deserves but I was also worried that she might take it a little too far, and…she did.

This episode was packed with big plot-impacting moments. We got more backstories, character development, and foreshadowing all in the progression of Lexi’s play. On a personal note, watching this made me miss my high school theatre days because of the chaotic set changes, fast costume changes, and of course the real-time audience reaction (Rue gets my award for best facial expressions). Our plays, though, were much more PG. 


Without further ado, here are my favourite tweets from this week's tea-filled episode, “The Theater and Its Double”.

My Fexi Heart Is Smiling 

Cassie and Nate (ugh.)


Jules and Rue were being hella awkward…

Lexi’s mom having the time of her life


Rue’s mom ain’t playing games


It looks like we’re getting even more next week tho…

Um…Nate’s Nightmare????

Ethan’s Big Moment and The End of Nate Jacobs

…which also results in the end of Cassie and Nate

The Betrayal 

…but instead of seeing what happens we get hit with a “to be continued”??

It’s quite ironic for this whole episode to be about exposing truths. Allegations about drama between creator, Sam Levinson and some Euphoria cast members continue to swirl...

Cody’s got all the details and his thoughts on that coming up, so stay tuned!

In other Euphoria news, Alexa Demie has been a standout on my Twitter timeline this past week. Part of it is due to the brilliant hand choreography in the Maddy/Cassie confrontation scene a couple weeks ago. 


Maddy is wit it #maddy #euphoriaseason2 #euphoriaedit #BbStyleFearlessly #foryoupage #foryou #fyp

♬ That gurl maddy - JOSIAH_T

Even though that episode was two Sundays ago, a lot of people online are still talking about it (and of course there’s a TikTok trend).

But what made me fall in love with Alexa more was this awesome haircut she was photographed with last week. 

I know we’re all excited to see Zoë Kravitz kill it as Catwoman soon, but what do we think about this?

That role isn’t one that just anyone gets—it’s a big deal. But as a big fan, I have hope! I’m excited to see what other projects Alexa will be a part of as she continues to grow her career.

Can y’all believe that next week is the finale? I’ll be using the next six days to try and prepare myself for whatever wild cliff-hanger they will leave us on until season three.

Until then, here’s the trailer for the big finale (and it’s not looking good for Fez):