*This is your official spoiler alert. There WILL be heavy plot reveals throughout so keep that in mind before reading this post!*

Yesterday was the last Euphoria day of season two, and I am feeling all of the emotions. 


So for the last time this season, here are my favourite tweets from Euphoria’s season two finale, “All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name”.

The Grand Betrayal Takes a Turn

Fez and Lexi: The Best Couple For Last (episode) <3

Anyone else tired of Cassie acting all big and bad?? Same.

Maddy dealt with her though, as she should.


Elliot’s Never Ending Solo Moment

Cal’s back (but not for long)

The Grand Betrayal Continues…


Did y’all really have to add the DOVES???

A Standing Ovation to the cast and crew of Our Life


Rue and Lexi Are 4Lyfers

…but it doesn’t look like Rue and Jules are….

Rue’s Parting Words

But I still have some MAJOR questions…

…but that’s just how they keep us wanting more. Unfortunately, according to reports, we’re going to have to wait a good while until we start getting some answers. 

2024??? I’m scared of that. First of all, I’ll be 24 and that sounds petrifying. Second, I thought maybe they’d be a little nicer when it comes to how long we have to wait for the next season after waiting over two years for this one. I guess I can’t say I’m completely surprised because, like many other shows, Euphoria thrives on suspense, and it obviously works. I’m already seeing some predictions swirling around.


What a season! Overall, I really enjoyed the twists and turns it took while also focusing on developing things we already knew to pull us in more. There’s still a lot of mystery with some characters, but I’m hopeful that we’ll see more depth in the next season. I also hope that whatever issues going on on set are dealt with accordingly for the next round of episodes because I would hate to see it resulting in actors leaving. 

These Twitter roundups have been SO fun to put together. Euphoria has set the record for most-tweeted about show in the U.S. this decade, so it’s cool to see these memes create community in such an expansive way. It’s also nice to have memes to remind us how to laugh after watching such dark and heavy content. I’ll be looking forward to season three where the tweets will find a way to be even funnier.

As for me, I feel empty knowing that next Sunday won’t be Euphoria Day anymore. Please feel free to send any hobbies you think I’d enjoy.