Eva Mendes just celebrated her fifth anniversary designing for New York & Company with a presentation in LA last week and the release of a short film in support of the collection. The film, Girl’s Best Friend, was directed by Massy Tadjedin and it’s pretty f-cking cute. Because her “best friend” is a husky. Who destroys things around the house and is a giant suck when she goes out. I know exactly what this feels like. I know exactly what face she’s reacting to. There is no “poor me” face like a dog’s “poor me” face. If you have a dog at home, you know this face. It’s an oppressive face! I have to stare at two of these faces every day. Elvis, the younger one, is particularly skilled at it. Do you have to leave me? 


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But also? The “do you have to leave me?” is followed up by… hey, since you’re leaving, when is my peanut butter coming? True story: our beagles cannot be left alone without us giving them bones stuffed with peanut butter. Otherwise they lose their minds. That’s also why they’re never alone and have each other. Because they have separation anxiety and work better as two-piece pet pack instead of as a single. 

Anyway, Eva was joined by a husky at the end of the show and another rescue dog on the red carpet as she announced that a donation had been made on behalf of each member of the audience to the Cesar Millan PACK Project. 

During an interview with E! on the carpet, Eva talked about how she hasn’t been acting much because she’s so “obsessed” with her kids. Esmeralda just turned four years old and, as we’ve seen, she has stayed pretty undercover the last four years. Even though she and Ryan Gosling live in LA. Even though, ahem, LA is where so many photo agencies are based. Which is why there has been so much incorrect reporting about Eva and Ryan. Remember, it was reported that they’d broken up when she was just about to give birth to Esmeralda? And she was just about to give birth to Amada when news broke that she was pregnant again. So basically it means nothing when they’re not seen together or when they don’t walk carpets together. We are coming up on another award season of them possibly, probably not walking a carpet together. 

First Man is one of the most acclaimed films coming out of the festivals. It was Sarah’s favourite film of TIFF. Ryan Gosling is a legitimate contender now for another Best Actor Oscar two years after La La Land. Will we see Eva? To change up the luck? Or nah? 

Speaking of Ryan, she didn’t know about his visit to a local coffee house, Grinder Coffee, in Toronto last week. When told about it during her interview with E!, her reaction: 

“That’s my man.”

In other words, they’re good.