Eva Mendes was in NYC yesterday promoting her New York & Company collection. She talked to E! News about her daughters, Esmeralda and Amada, and the most usable quote from the interview is about dressing them: 

"Thank God there's no fashion talk. But I let them wear whatever they want," Eva shared with E! News exclusively while celebrating The Eva Mendes Collection for New York & Company. "They have the right…they want to wear jammies all day or if they want to go in a costume to the market, I let them do that stuff." 

She continued, "I let them win that battle. That's the easy one. I'm trying to get them to eat broccoli. That's the one I want to win. They can wear whatever they want."

I have friends who are parents who are split on this issue. Some are like Eva and don’t give a sh-t what their kids wear. Others are pretty particular and don’t want their kids to look sloppy because people are judgy assholes, I guess? Whatever. My point is that there’s not much here. By design. Because Eva’s been super low-key for the last few years – both she and Ryan Gosling have been super low-key, managing to live in LA while staying off the pap radar, and keeping two pregnancies quiet. You’ll recall, both times while Eva was pregnant, the tabloids got it wrong and reported that she and Ryan were over. Which means it’s about that time again, now that there are new pictures of her and Claire Foy just announced her divorce. Claire and Ryan are working together on First Man, Damian Chazelle’s follow-up to La La Land. The film will be released in October, in time for award season and another possible Oscar nomination for Ryan. From the gossip angle though, Ryan and Claire, that’s a make-a-story waiting to happen.