The Afterparty season two is coming to Apple TV+ on July 12, and the premiere was yesterday in Los Angeles. Everyone is cramming their premiere in before the June 30 SAG-AFTRA strike deadline, just in case, EXCEPT Barbie, I’m not worried, who’s worried about missing potentially the best red carpet of the year? Not me!


Anyway, the new crew turned out for the premiere, including Elizabeth Perkins, who is sporting white-blonde hair befitting a Hitchcock blonde. No one else got into the spirit of starring in a murder mystery like Elizabeth Perkins, but I DO appreciate Poppy Liu going full Barbiecore with her hot pink dress and makeup. If we don’t get a Barbie premiere, at least we’ll have everyone wearing pink all year.

This is one of those red carpets where everyone dressed for a different event. Zoë Chao’s silver ensemble at least belongs in the same universe as Poppy Liu’s outfit, but Anna Ryan Konkle is dressed for an afternoon wedding, Vivian Wu is ready for the polo match, and Elizabeth Perkins is going to the wake for her elderly husband who died mysteriously later. Also, I’m pretty sure this is Tiffany Haddish burning an outfit meant for The Haunted Mansion’s press tour, another late-July film that might not get a red carpet if there’s an actors’ strike. 


As for the men, John Cho and Sam Richardson bring the right amount of style for a daytime premiere, but everyone else is dressed like they’re going to the bank, except for Paul Walter Houser, who’s dressed like he’s got a youth group to lead. Honestly, these photos remind me of the time my friend declared her wedding’s dress code was “California casual” and no one knew what that meant so we all ended up wearing completely different styles. The Afterparty went California casual and still nobody knows what that means.