Jennifer Aniston hosted a Christmas party at her place this weekend. The paparazzi were there and got photos of her celebrity guests: Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, Lisa Kudrow, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk were seen pulling up, and another Brad too – Brad Pitt. 

A Pitt and two exes all represented. I wonder, in like 10 years, do you think Angelina Jolie would show up to a Jennifer Aniston holiday party? 

Of course what everyone’s talking about is the Jen and Brad reconnection. He was at her 50th birthday party back in February and so we know that they’re friendly again now that he and Angelina are no longer together. How friendly? 

Last week, both were nominated for Golden Globes and SAGs and I wrote about how they’d be in the same ballroom on several occasions starting in January during award season. It would appear that they’re getting a head start on that during the holiday season. 

According to ET, Brad was among the first guests to arrive and the second last guest to leave at around 11pm. I have a couple of questions:

Justin Theroux was at Jen’s Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks ago. If Justin was invited to Jen’s Christmas party, would Brad have been invited too? 

And also… is it possible that Brad and Jen are slow-rolling us? Because if you’re talking about this, and I know some of you, probably a lot of you, are talking about this, you’re talking about the possibility of them getting back together. About the likelihood. 

If they did get back together – and I’m not convinced – but if they did, they wouldn’t confirm it for a while. They’d confirm it only when they were sure they were on firm ground, if they confirmed it at all. And they’d do it strategically, right? They’d want to control how it gets out. Would they drop it all of a sudden like, hey, surprise! We’re in love again! Or would they softly let us get used to the idea of them spending more time together before making it official? 

Like I said, I’m not convinced. Because there’s SO much history, it’s a lot to get over. With friendship you can get over some of it but the minute it turns back to romance, there’s all kinds of sh-t in the past you have to dig up and address and then re-bury. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton did it but I don’t know if that’s a good example because they got back together only to break up again. Also, if I’m Jen, when the top story about her has been about the work, her work in The Morning Show, the best performance of her career, and that’s the dominant narrative over her love life, for a change, I don’t know that I’d want that distraction. 

That said, half the gossip universe has been waiting and hoping for this to happen for 15 years now. It’s the story that will never, ever die.