Ewan thanks his wife…and his girlfriend

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I have not seen the season of Fargo that stars Ewan McGregor for which he won the Golden Globe. When we were deciding on writing assignments last night, and I ended up with Ewan, Duana made a point of telling me that he plays twins. Um, sure, OK, thanks for letting me know. But you know I’m just writing about how he thanks both his estranged wife, Eve Mavrakis, and his girlfriend, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, in his speech right? It was like she wasn’t hearing me. She had to repeat that Ewan McGregor plays twins. Duana has a very Yoda-like way of speaking sometimes. She doesn’t put the verb before the noun but she does have that “master won’t give you answers but answers master will help you find” way of talking. So now it’s 8 hours later and I’m still Luke Skywalker looking at the f-cking swamp like, can you just stop f-cking with me and tell me whatever it is you mean? Well now I can’t yell at her because she has no power on in her house and I’m half delirious and still thinking about her Jedi mind tricks and now I’m wondering, as bonkers as this sounds, if she was trying to say that he’s approaching his love life like twins…

One twin started off his acceptance speech devoted to his wife and the other twin ended off his acceptance speech with a mention of his lover. This is crazy, obviously, but that is also what happened. Ewan McGregor, whose separation from Eve was confirmed back in October like 5 minutes after he was photographed kissing Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who also divorced her husband last year, after she and Ewan worked together on Fargo, managed to acknowledge both his wife and his girlfriend in his speech …and not that many people cared? I wonder if Ben Affleck is all, how did he do that?!


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