Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead worked together on Fargo. This weekend, the UK Sun posted pictures of them together in London, kissing in a restaurant.

Mary Elizabeth announced that she had ended her marriage back in May. Ewan and his wife, Eve Mavrakis, have been married 22 years. They have four children together. When the pictures of him kissing Mary Elizabeth were published, PEOPLE followed up with a report that Ewan and Eve have separated and that it also happened in May. Coincidence or conspiracy?

For years and years there have been rumours that Ewan and Eve had an open marriage. Remember when he was seen looking pretty close with Melanie Laurent back in 2010? He goes on the road a lot. On months-long bike trips. On location. And for them, it seemed to work. Until now.

I mean the timing is definitely curious, considering Ewan and Mary Elizabeth just worked together on a series. And both happened to end their marriages the same month. It’s not offside to wonder – and even assume – then that Ewan and Mary Elizabeth fell in love while on set, right? Is that the risk of being open? The point of open is that the marriage remains through what may be temporary. Given that Ewan has been so quick to get his sources to clarify that he and Eve separated several months ago, somewhere along the line, it’s possible that he and Mary Elizabeth went from temporary to not so temporary. This is why I could never do the open thing. I would always wonder…when will be the time that it goes from temporary to not so temporary? Or is it already a win that their marriage endured 22 years. That they made it work for 22 years. And we should stop looking at marriages ending like it’s some kind of failure. There’s been a lot of discussion about this lately. That our social attitudes toward marriage add pressure and shame to those, particularly women, who end up divorced. If it’s true that theirs was not an unconventional marriage, then it’s entirely possible that Ewan and Eve would have indeed “consciously uncoupled”, as suspect as this timing would seem. Let me know your thoughts?