A year ago Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were still together. They actually spent the holidays together. Does it feel like it’s been longer? Does it feel like it’s been longer because he is so f-cking exhausting? 

One of the major reasons behind the breakup, reportedly, was location. Justin is just so New York, you know? Los Angeles doesn’t do anything for his artistic soul. Oh but look – here’s Justin in LA yesterday and not just anywhere in LA but shopping…on Rodeo Drive. 

Rodeo Drive!

What’s an OG punk like Justin Theroux, imbued with the true spirit of iconoclasm, doing on Pretty Woman territory? What could he possibly get on Rodeo Drive that he couldn’t find in New York City?! 

Justin will next be seen in On the Basis of Sex, the Ruth Bader Ginsberg film. He plays Mel Wulf, the Legal Director of the ACLU. They worked together on what would become RBG’s first landmark case, Reed v. Reed, for which she authored the groundbreaking brief that led to the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to strike down a law that discriminated against women. On the Basis of Sex comes out at Christmas. Which means there could be some Oscar potential here. Which means there could be a campaign. At the same time, Jennifer Aniston will be campaigning for Dumplin’. So they could be on the circuit together but not. Unless, you know, the studio’s only spending on Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer as the main faces for the film. If Justin’s presence in the trailer is any indication, well, they may not need him, as much as he wants to be needed.