Faith Hill wore a black one-shoulder Armani gown on the red carpet at the CMAs last night. Don’t care for it. And not because of all that gathering creeping up her neck on one side. But because of that black sparkle material. It’s so specifically of an era, only without a modern update. Which, I think, has been Mr Armani’s problem.  

During the performance, Faith changed into a red dress with an exposed thigh. And it’s a testament to the pervasiveness of Angelina Jolie’s Oscar leg moment that even Jacek, who doesn’t exactly have the best gossip memory, pointed it out immediately. “Look, Faith Hill is pulling a Jolie”. It was a proud moment. 

Faith’s leg dress might actually be better than Angelina’s though. Because it’s been deliberately cut higher at the thigh to allow the leg to emerge. Part of what made that Jolie situation so hilarious is that she seemed to have to try so hard to get her leg out from between the skirt curtains. Faith’s dress required a lot less effort. I think she borrowed Gwyneth Paltrow’s leg oil