Lionel Richie has three children. Which mean he’s been through the teens twice and has almost completed his third lap as Sofia Richie is 19 years old. So he knows the tricks, presumably. Or maybe he’s forgotten. Because when a 19 year old in love hears her DAD call her relationship “a phase”, the first thing through her mind is going to be, “OMG DAD! You don’t know anything! This is forever!” Lionel’s right, of course, and it will turn out to be a phase, definitely. But you don’t say that out loud! Out loud you say that it was meant to be. And you wait for her to want to prove you wrong. (Dlisted)  

Apparently it’s that time of year for us to be fighting about leggings again. Or the New York Times is just trolling. Does it seem like the NYT is trolling a LOT lately? It’s weird because the NYT has also been showcasing the great work of Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey and, always, Taffy Brodesser-Akner, Jenna Wortham, and Wesley Morris. Anyway, about those leggings – I got confused during the part about sweatpants on the elliptical because… like… I’m all about sweatpants and I’ll take a jogger any day over leggings BUT they’re actually not that practical on an exercise machine because they don’t stay on. The reason why you need a tighter pant when you’re elliptical-ing or running is because otherwise, all that movement shakes them off. How did that turn into an argument about judging and hotness? I don’t understand. (Jezebel) 

Adam Rippon is probably getting the most out of Olympics than anyone else, even those who’ve won gold medals. Adam Rippon’s Olympics have everything: a public beef (with Mike Pence), a job offer (NBC), and now a matchmaker situation (by Sally Field). So, basically, he’s high on the list for the next season of Dancing With The Stars, and E! should totally hire him for red carpet coverage at the Oscars and… someone… offer him an eyebrow deal. (Just Jared) 
I’m not sure this is a great dress on its own. It becomes a great dress when Allison Janney is wearing it though. Because Allison Janney knows more than anyone how to turn a B+ dress into an A+ dress. It’s all in the posing. And she can cut an incredible pose. I continue, however, to be underwhelmed by Margot Robbie’s choices on the major carpets. If she was a frontrunner in her category, would she be making different choices? She’s been wearing dresses like she knows that Frances McDormand is going to take it – which I’m not mad at. You don’t want to waste your “moment dress” on a year that’s not yours. (Cele|bitchy) 

Princess Kate and Duchess Sophie stepped out together today to attend the Commonwealth Fashion Reception. Kate wore… a black and white dress! We’ve already talked about this issue so let’s talk about another Kate style issue – she’s wearing Erdem, again. Which I actually prefer over Jenny Packham. Erdem is clearly in her regular rotation now. Some of the pieces at this exhibit are spectacular though. Will they, hopefully, inspire her? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Tonight is the Olympic figure skating ice dance final. And during the Olympics, especially here in Canada, but it sounds like it’s happening around the world now, we get into peak Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir shipping. They have said they are not a romantic couple in real life. No one wants to believe them. (I believe them.) The Ringer is now doing a deep dive into these conspiracy theories. But …there is another conspiracy theory you might want to be thinking about right now. As you may know, Tessa and Scott are going into in the free skate in first place with just a slim lead over their rivals, Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron of France. Even before they both skated last night though, there were some rumours kicking around the skating gossip hotlines that there would be a judging collusion situation. That Russia and France would align to make sure that Gabriella and Guillaume take gold. Please note, these are just rumours. But there was a twizzle error. And yes, there was also a wardrobe malfunction. Of course it’s terrible that that happened and they were awesome for skating their way through it. But skating politics and skating gossip is MEGA drama, as dramatic as any of the sh-t that goes down in Hollywood. So. With all that in mind, tonight is going to be AMAZING. (The Ringer)