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The first drop of pieces from Rihanna’s first Fenty Maison collection are now available online. She tells Vogue that the campaign “drew inspiration from the work of pioneering photographer Kwame Brathwaite, and the passion of a group of black female fashion activists known as the Grandassa Models”:


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This is a luxury label, so these are not fast fashion prices. They’re using high quality material and technique, the clothes are meant to last, even if the styles don’t. That said, as we’ve seen over the years, Rihanna can advance a look and has moved fashion forward. These pieces reflect where she’s living sartorially right now: wide shoulders and boxy fits tapered to defined waists – a signature structure that isn’t conventionally “pretty” but modern and sexy, broadening what “feminine” can be. 

The most coveted item in the collection, probably, is the denim corset dress: 


Or the parka. It’s my life: 


And it’s reversible!

I’m also obsessed with the hoodie button down shirt, OMG. Look at this beauty:


It’s a shirt! And a hoodie! With buttons! And proper cuffs! 

Oh and these pleated pants. I f-cking love how these pleats fall all the way down, giving the illusion of a layered skirt:


Curious about the shoes though, specifically the pumps. They’re an open pump, like a sandal, but the sole comes to a point. Does it look weird on the foot? Rihanna’s been wearing them and of course they don’t look weird on HER, but she doesn’t have my toes. I’m worried my toes will splay over and across the point of the soles without the sides of a traditional pump to hold them in. That green though, that patent green is amazing

With the launch of Fenty, The Telegraph is asking if Rihanna “could be the next Coco Chanel”. If we’re looking at numbers, several sizes have already sold out in a few items, including the aforementioned green pumps. She only just turned 31 in February. There is so much more work ahead. I’m so excited to see it. 

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