Halima Aden is the first ever model to be in Sports Illustrated wearing a burkini and a hijab. She is Somali-American. She is, obviously, gorgeous. The photos are, obviously, gorgeous. And you know what? They’re a lot more interesting than the photos we see in SI featuring bikinis. Because after a while, all the bikinis kinda look the same. With the extra fabric on a burkini, there are SO many more interesting design options! (Dlisted) 

Minka Kelly is featured in PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful issue and her eyebrows look amazing but they weren’t always that way because she was over-plucking them. Many people can relate. Not as many people can say their eyebrows grew back to their original thickness. I didn’t over-pluck my brows but I also don’t have that much brow hair to begin with. Every day they look different because I can never fill them in the same. (Cele|bitchy) 

The FUG Girls aren’t into what’s happening from the neck down on this outfit on Angela Bassett at the Tribeca Film Festival Chanel party last night. This is Angela Bassett. My issue with this look is from the waist down. Everything above the waist, for me, is great. The problem, for me, is the boots. The boots take away from all the awesome above them – and there IS a lot of awesome: the blazer is great, the bra is great, the bow is great. But those boots, those boots could have been a pair of low profile pumps and we’d be in a different ballgame. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Ummmm….what? Speaking of alternative timelines – did you know that Timothy Olyphant could have been Vin Diesel in the Fast Furious franchise? I KNOW, RIGHT? Can we get an in Infinity Stone to play out for us what life would have been like if that had happened? (Pajiba) 

The Billboard Music Awards are happening tomorrow. Taylor Swift is opening the show, performing “ME!” with Brendon Urie. Madonna is also scheduled to take the stage with Maluma for “Medellin” – and yesterday TMZ reported that she’s putting $5 million of her own money into the performance. Like there’s supposed to be CGI and holograms, or something. The story got picked up everywhere but, curiously, the TMZ original link, which I’m linking to in this post, directs back to the TMZ homepage. What do you think that’s all about? (TMZ) 

A beautiful tribute to John Singleton. (The Ringer)