I know a lot of people are already all up in their feelings about the upcoming end of Succession, but I am already misty-eyed about the third, and probably final, season of Ted Lasso. Following the season three teaser that told us to “believe”, the full trailer for season three shows us AFC Richmond going through it. The song choice is the Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, which might be a hint about Richmond’s championship chances, but the message of the song is: But if you try sometimes, well, you just might find/You get what you need. Is that not the Ted Lasso way? To TRY, and to believe that in the trying, we find the grace we needed all along.


This trailer hits all the buttons—Keeley and Roy; Jamie Tartt, Keeley and Roy and Jamie Tartt; Rebecca being powerful and stylish; Nate with his window table at last but all alone, AS HE DESERVES; Ted on the brink of a panic attack; Ted thriving despite his mental health issue; Ted showing up for Nate because Ted does NOT suck; and! Trent Crimm, formerly of The Independent! What is Trent Crimm up to? I legit cannot wait to find out what becomes of a character who started out as nothing more than a running gag. It speaks to the quality of Ted Lasso that a character like Trent Crimm can become someone we care about. 

When this is all over, I can’t watch to binge the whole thing and see these arcs coming together so tightly. Sam’s rise to leadership, Jamie’s fall from grace and into something more human and admirable, Roy growing into a mentor, and Ted, of course, confronting his trauma and learning to grow, too. And even though NATE SUCKS, I am so curious to see what his arc ends up being. I’m not convinced he ever comes back to the Ted Lasso inner circle, but Ted going to a West Ham game to support Nate is classic Ted. Withholding forgiveness is not his style. Plus, the look on Nate’s face when he’s dealing with Rupert seems like Nate is realizing he might have made a devil’s bargain. 


But what really gets me is the team, together, the open warmth in Jamie Tartt’s expression, the hope on Sam’s face, Roy Kent telling people they did a great job! All I want now is a Roy Kent Great Job! And look at the team expressing affection even in a highly competitive atmosphere. These are not the same highly strung athletes we met in season one, competing with each other as much as they were rival teams, this is a team for real. Look at them! They love each other! And I love them!