Mindy Kaling is writing, producing and starring in Late Night with Emma Thompson and we now have the first photos of them on set. I was already excited for this movie because, well, Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson, but I’m even more on board after reading its synopsis via Variety.

“Late Night” centers on a late-night talk show host (Thompson) who is at risk of losing her long-running show right when she hires her first female writer (Kaling), who revitalizes her show and her life.”

So, it’s like Morning Glory but at night and better. Variety is also reporting that Emma and Mindy will be joined by John Lithgow and Hugh Dancy. John Lithgow and Hugh Dancy are both great but I’d be down if the whole movie was just Mindy and Emma hanging out like this: 


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Or if it was just two hours of Mindy Kaling discovering rain bonnets. Mindy devoted multiple Insta stories on set late last night to her new bonnet and I’ve decided that I need one of these in my life, STAT. 

The first photos from the set of Late Night show off Emma Thompson ridiculously amazing platinum blonde haircut while Mindy gets pummelled by some garbage bags. This movie is already making me laugh. 

Late Night is just the latest in the smart career moves Mindy has made since wrapping up The Mindy Project. She’s coming off A Wrinkle in Time and solid reviews for her new show Champions. Of course, she’s got Ocean’s 8 this summer and Late Night following that. The best part about Late Night? It’s directed by Transparent producer/director Nisha Ganatra.  

Take all my money.