Rom-coms are in full blown revival mode, but unlike the rom-com trends of the past, queer people—and/or queer-coded people—are no longer relegated to the sidelines. The gay rom-com is here, from Fire Island, Joel Kim Booster's contemporary queer take on Pride & Prejudice, starring Booster and Bowen Yang, to the teen rom-com Crush, the gay best friends are finally having their romances centered in the genre. A trailer for the latest entry into the queer rom-com canon is Bros, written by Billy Eichner and co-written and directed by Nicholas Stoller, the director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which is sort of a rom-com but also a breakup comedy but also a sex comedy—however you categorize it, though, Sarah Marshall was one of the last romance-centric comedies to hit big before the genre completely crashed in the 2000s. 


The first trailer for Bros made me laugh out loud twice, and I am immediately invested in the romantic potential of Eichner playing an uptight podcaster—feels like “podcaster” is the new quirky arts-ish job to have in movies, like “baker” or “event planner” used to be—who has a spiky attraction with a jock-type played by Luke Macfarlane. That bit where Macfarlane says, “I like someone who’s physically very frail and won’t stop talking” is perfect. Great delivery, and reluctant attraction is a great rom-com set up—there’s a reason Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are one of the great literary couples of all time. Of course, Macfarlane should be able to deliver romantic dialogue in his sleep by now, he’s a regular in the Hallmark Christmas Movie Industrial Complex, although these two and a half minutes of Bros are better written than any Hallmark movie I’ve ever seen. Also, interesting to see this has a late September release date. Fall festival premiere, perhaps? Don’t just bring back rom-coms and make them queer, bring back rom-coms, make them queer, AND given them glamorous festival premieres. Go all out, it’s overdue.


Check out the trailer below, but fair warning, it’s NSFW if you’re slacking off in the office.