Dear Gossips,

Here’s a debate that will rage on forever: Beatles or Stones? 

I’m Team Beatles. Always. You can tell me I’m basic, go ahead, I said what I said. For those of us who are Team Beatles, this movie trailer, OMGGGGGGG. Yesterday was written by Richard Curtis. You know him from Love Actually and Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral. It was directed by Danny Boyle. And it’s about a dude, struggling musician, who wakes up after a bike accident and an electrical failure only to realise that The Beatles never existed so he starts claiming every Beatles song for himself. This is a GREAT trailer. Watch it now if you haven’t, NOW goddamn it! Then meet me on the other side. 



You’ve been waiting for this but you didn’t know it, right?!? 

“‘Yesterday’, it’s one of the greatest songs ever written.”

“Well. It’s not Coldplay. It’s not ‘Fix You’”. 


It’s an amazing idea for a movie. And it’s amazing that the star of the movie is Himesh Patel, a South Asian lead whose South Asian-ness is not a part of the story. 

I love Yesterday already. Cannot wait until June when it comes out. Apologies in advance if you’re in the same theatre. Because it’s going to be a F-CKING SINGALONG. And isn’t it going to be a trip when, if the movie is a hit (OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO BE A HIT), suddenly, The Beatles will be the soundtrack of the summer and millennials and younger will be all like, OMG these songs are so good?! 

Yours in gossip,