Gwen Stefani was on Good Morning America today promoting her new single “Slow Clap”. It’s the second single off her upcoming album – and that was my first question: when is this album coming out? They haven’t announced yet…because she’s actually still working on it. And she talked about this during the interview, how this part of the music release process is new for her because she can release singles and still be writing the album.


It used to be, conventionally at least, that artists would have the entire album completed and then choose which tracks to single. But these days, artists are emerging from platforms like TikTok with one track, going mega viral off those tracks, and then either releasing follow-up singles, or signing with labels for complete albums. That’s a pretty simple (and incomplete) description of the path that, say, Lil Nas X, has followed but my point is this has made it so that established artists, like Gwen, are trying what the kids are doing. 


Not that she doesn’t have anything to teach the kids. After all, Gwen (at 51) has been in the game for a while and is staying in the game. And that’s ultimately the challenge for the new generation of entertainers – they can go viral, but can their moment be longer than a year or two? Will they be first namers, the way Gwen is? The word iconic is thrown around much too much these days but we can agree, Gwen is, right? 

You know her sound. And you know her look. Everyone knows the Gwen look. So many of the looks. And adding to it all the time. Here’s her look for “Slow Clap”, a mix of her past aesthetic with what’s current: 


And also, for a more casual jam, here are new shots of Gwen visiting a friend this week in dorm style. Dormcore? 

Plaid pants and Vans, that’s Gwen forever. No matter the age, f-ck that noise that you can only be college-age as a woman to walk around like this. Like are we limited to f-cking capri pants when we go past 30?