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Isolation’s got people feeling nostalgic. Did you see this excellent thread last week remembering the It Girl War of the 2000s? Imagine, all that over Aaron Carter. 

One of my favourite gossip stories from the 2000s that was turned into a book and then a movie in the 2010s was the A List Poker Game. Molly Bloom’s memoir became a film starring Jessica Chastain but now another dude claims that Molly was just a minor player in the situation and that he and Tobey Maguire were the masterminds. 

Houston Curtis was a card shark who became a TV producer (of course he was) who has now written a book (co-written by Dylan Howard who ran the National Enquirer and was exposed by Ronan Farrow to be working with Harvey Weinstein to run damaging stories about his accusers and published by the company that eventually picked up Woody Allen’s book after it was dropped by Hachette – so you know this is some dirty sh-t) about collaborating with Tobey to “win as much as possible from their hand-picked suckers”. The New York Post has a preview. Doesn’t seem like much of it is new but it’s always fun to revisit the following:

-Leonardo DiCaprio is cheap as f-ck but can’t stand to not be included. According to Houston Curtis: 

“Maguire quickly enlisted one of his best friends, Leonardo DiCaprio, as a lure.

“Tobey said that he and I would have to stake Leo,” recalled Curtis, meaning they would put up cash for DiCaprio to play, covering his losses but also getting a share of his winnings.

“[DiCaprio] is a guy worth $80 million and he didn’t want to put up the $5,000 buy-in. But Tobey said, ‘Don’t worry. He only plays aces and kings.’ And he did. Leo was tighter than a gnat’s ass.”

Seriously, does any celebrity have more FOMO than Leonardo DiCaprio? For someone with the reputation of being so cool, it’s maybe the uncoolest thing about him – that he’s not cool enough to not show up at one party. 

-Tobey Maguire is a prick. Imagine treating someone like this: 

“Curtis came to consider Maguire a good friend. He also glimpsed the star’s petty side.

Curtis alleges in the book that Maguire hated seeing [Molly] Bloom taking home as much as $30,000 in tips per night. He told The Post that the actor “tried making her bark like a seal [for a $1,000 chip]. She wouldn’t do it — but he still gave her a thousand that night. One-thousand dollars was his insult tip.”
Actually, imagine a whole Posse Posse Wolf Pack of dudes rolling around town like this. If we’re talking nostalgia then, I wonder if Leo and his boys look back wistfully at the sh-t they were allowed to get away with. I wonder if #MeToo and, like, decency is an inconvenience to them. 

And finally, just to round off our Monday morning nostalgia – nostalgia also means #NeverForget, right? Well, here’s something that was sent to me multiple times this weekend. I mean, the whole thing is gospel but I lost my mind at the end. “For JC.” 



For JC! 

If you need the full background on what he’s referring to, hit up The Root

“For Janet, for Marsha, for JC, everbody.”

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