Here are some new shots Bradley Cooper out in New York today. His hair is looking GREAT – like getting to that classic Bradley Cooper hair length. Like Hangover length, who let the dogs out? 


Anyway, Bradley’s making headlines today because he was photographed walking arm-in-arm with Irina Shayk. You can see those photos here, exclusive at the Daily Mail so we don’t have access to them. Bradley and Irina are seen together often; they have amicably co-parented their daughter Lea since they broke up two years ago. In that time, Bradley hasn’t been in a confirmed relationship with anyone else while Irina was seen with Vito Schnabel in 2020, though it was never clear whether or not the two were actually dating, and of course earlier this year with Kanye West. That lasted just a couple of months and it’s been over since at least August. 

So… does this mean she and Bradley have reconciled? It’s very possible that they’re just that platonically close now and that walking with her arm tucked into his is just co-parent closeness and not romantic. That said, they’re photographed together often and they know that the paps are on them, and this is the first time in a long time, since they were still together, that they’ve shown this kind of body language. So far there’s been no additional reporting on this from the usual outlets, E! News or PEOPLE; they’re all probably checking with sources to see if anyone will talk. 

Bradley should, however, be stepping out in public more to promote Licorice Pizza and Nightmare Alley, both of which could be Oscar possibilities. Curious to see if Irina steps out in support of those projects or if they prefer to keep whatever is happening between them private, reconciliation or not. More on Bradley in the next post, about Lady Gaga.