There are two weeks to go until Halloween which means there are two weeks to go for me to tell you how much I hate Halloween. It’s a pain in the ass finding a costume, and it takes up the whole day, and while I participate in Halloween – and I’m actually good at my performances – it’s a pain in the ass and also I hate scary movies and having to look at scary sh-t all the time. Like if I lived on this street with this house and their ridiculous Halloween decorations I would be so pissed. (Dlisted) 


There was some pickle jar drama on Twitter and I have had my issues opening jars because of my weak hands but my big takeaway from this story is that this person is Canadian because that is a Canadian brand of pickles! (Pajiba) 

The Fug Girls are confused about the weather via Suki Waterhouse’s outfit. I get it. But also this outfit is versatile. If it’s too hot, no problem. If it gets chilly, no problem. And separately each item is great. Bottom to top: those are killer boots, I like the fit of the jeans, that’s a really interesting bra, and I LOVE the pink puffer, especially the dimples in the material. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I guess it’s a slow week for features for Us Weekly because their new cover is a make-a-story about Jennifer Aniston wanting to become a director and an Instagram influencer. Does she really have to “want” to be an IG influencer though? She already is. She broke an Instagram record when she joined and she already has brand partnerships so sponcon wouldn’t be a stretch for her. (Cele|bitchy) 

F-cking Sorkin! Of course I had to read this ranking of all of Aaron Sorkin’s projects. I would have put The American President (I love this movie) ahead of The Social Network because I think The Social Network is overrated. (The Ringer)