I’m not going to pretend I have anything to say about Garrett Hedlund other than that he looked really good presenting next to Kerry Washington. REALLY GOOD. Really, exceptionally, stupidly good. He looked so good I forgot Kerry was married to her own really, exceptionally, stupidly good looking man and I started imagining their life together. 

There’s always one presenter pairing that gets me right in feelings (and my pants) every year. At the Emmys it was Issa Rae and Riz Ahmed. At last year’s Globes it was Priyank Chopra and Jeffery Dean Morgan. This year it was Kerry Washington and Garrett Hedlund. I don’t know why they were paired together. I’m not sure what Kerry is promoting other than Scandal. I don’t know why Garrett isn’t getting more love for Mudbound. What I do know is that I didn’t know I needed to see them to star in love scenes together until this happened. 

I’m going to refrain from the fan fiction because Kerry is married to Nnamdi Asomugha and I’m going to respect their union. I will, however, watch this over and over again until I start making inappropriate noises and it gets creepy for everyone around me.