Credit to Jabari Ali Davis for coming up with “Big Gayle Energy”, the focus of this post. Here’s Jabari’s tweet:

I’m focusing on Gayle King, because what’s there to say, really, about R Kelly? If that’s not clear enough, I don’t believe him. I don’t understand how there can be anyone out there who believes him. This is, obviously, what he wants though – that was the goal of this interview, to try to make his case, to convince people that he’s the victim of a great conspiracy to bring him down, to claim his innocence. He thought he could sit down with Gayle for CBS This Morning and just talk AT the camera without having to answer hard questions, without having to confront the facts, without having to listen to her list off the names of his victims, and present him with some logic. He thought it would be that f-cking easy. You know why? 

Because he’s been surrounded by sycophants for years and because the only women he ever speaks to are much younger, much more suggestible, and under his control. This is not the portrait of a man who understands healthy communication and relationship building. If anything, this is even more confirmation that R Kelly only understands communication through manipulation and emotional trickery. Gayle King exposed that. She brought that out. She used all her experience and knowledge, she showed the f-ck out of her work, and she showed the world that R Kelly is, indeed, a monster. She used her capital and  leveraged her own influence to lend her power as a stand-in for the women he abused who are much less fortunate, who’ve been hurt and silenced and shamed and discarded, who either haven’t been given the opportunity to challenge him or may still be too afraid to, and who can blame them? This is what you are seeing here in Gayle: a responsibility through journalism to challenge R Kelly on behalf of those women – and, as you can see, up against that sense of duty, combined with all of Gayle’s professional skills, R Kelly fell apart. Here’s a pathetic excuse for a man realising he’s face to face with a woman who refuses to bend to his scam, a scam he’s previously run to great effect on disadvantaged young women without Gayle’s resources. R Kelly is lashing out because he finally isn’t getting what he wants.

The thread is here – watch Gayle at work: 

Listen to her voice. Look at the way she’s holding her body. He starts waving his arms around, the tears are coming down, and she is UNMOVED. Un-f-cking-moved. So he gets up, continuing to rant and shout and tantrum, and Gayle is UNBOTHERED. Not only is she unbothered, she’s basically all like…

Are you done now? Because I’m not here to watch you talk to the camera. I’m here to ask you some questions. I’m not going to sit here in a chair like I’m your prop so you can use me and use my platform to deliver a speech. 

You know that’s what he thought it would be, right? He thought he’d show up and she’d give him a pulpit and he’d be able to deliver a sermon. And it looks like he figured out real fast that Gayle wasn’t playing that game. Here’s what happens when a man who only knows how to control and dominate women comes up against a woman who will not be controlled and dominated. Again, make no mistake, there is no doubt – THAT is what Gayle King accomplished, by intention. You only have to look at these two photos she posted, these two that she chose to post on Instagram, her expression in these shots, to know what she was doing. What she did. What she is: Big Gayle Energy.


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