That sounded really bossy, like I’m ordering you to make Gemma Chan your new girl crush. It’s not an order. It’s a prediction. She will be, once you see Crazy Rich Asians. Everyone I know who has seen it has come out of there with a beast of a Gemma Chan problem. She’s the “It” of the movie. You will be obsessed. All Sasha can do is text me about her mole. Every day I get a message from Sasha about Gemma’s mole. After the junket she messaged me asking about Gemma’s mole. It is indeed a sexy, spectacular mole, just above her lip. I want to kiss it without being creepy which, probably, isn’t possible. 

Gemma plays Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians who, as you know if you’ve read the books, gradually becomes the series’ most beguiling character. Please do not leave before the credits though. Because otherwise you’ll miss a bonus scene. It’s not a long scene but it’s cute. It goes a little something like this:

Yes. We need a f-cking sequel. We need them to greenlight the sequel right after opening weekend, when it exceeds box office projections. Can it please exceed box office projections? Or do they have to wait until the film opens in all markets? Because did you know that CRA isn’t opening in the UK until November 2? I don’t know why there’s such a gap. Probably it’s up to the distributor? But I’m sad for you if you’re over there, and I’m sad for Gemma because she’s British. She’s starring in a major motion picture and she’s about to be your girl crush and people at home won’t get to see her for another ten weeks! 

I’d like to do some research on this, comparative analysis. Have other rom-coms out of major Hollywood studios been delayed in the same way? 

In the meantime, please enjoy Gemma’s outfits. Her red carpet dress at the CRA premiere the other night was my favourite. But I LOOOOOOOVED the white blazer dress she wore for the after-party:


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That material is similar to what you seen on a cheongsam, non? 

And OMG this red dress with the starfish on the thigh!


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