Dear Gossips,

Fights break out on Twitter every day. Most of that fighting is trash and toxic. Sometimes the fighting is fun. My favourite Twitter fight of the week, so far, is a fight that happens several times a year, or even more frequently. 

It started, this time, because of this perfect video:


Give that video the EGOT. And there. For those of you worried about the young, anxious about their phone fixation and their screen time, worried that their brains are dying, let this brilliant youth calm your fears. Between this genius, Kelsie Satterfield, Greta Thunberg, and Daliyah Marie Arana, maybe we can be saved. Those of us who survive the Grammar Wars, that is. 

So about the Oxford comma and the fighting – many support the Oxford Comma, as they should, ahem. Others are… not with it. 

FUSSY!? How is a comma more fussy than rearranging words around so that when you’re thanking people, Batman comes before your parents?! observes the Oxford Comma. After the apocalypse, Team Oxford Comma will still be standing. Do you think Lady Hale uses the Oxford Comma? I feel like she totally does. 

Yours in gossip,