Dear Gossips, 

Lori Harvey is currently my favourite celebrity of 2021 so far and Lori Harvey + Michael B Jordan are currently my favourite romance of 2021 (even though technically they started dealing with each other in 2020). Which is why my favourite TikTok of young 2021 to this point is about Hollywood’s latest power couple. The subject is Lori but the genius is all Tunji Taylor-Lewis. This is the best thing I watched yesterday – and that includes part one of the new Tiger Woods documentary, so disappointing. What you’re about to enjoy, however, if you haven’t already, is first class storytelling: 


Call me Lord Blowthewhistle #loriharvey #bridgerton #michaelbjordan

♬ original sound - TUNJI!


This was posted around noon ET-ish on Monday and Lori and MBJ went Instagram official on Sunday night, around 730pm ET-ish. Which means that Tunji only had a few hours to write and shoot this, gather the visual elements (photos etc), caption, and then post. And maybe sleep. Genius is what it is. Seriously. There are experienced comedy writers out there who wish they thought of this. Intersecting the hottest gossip story with the hottest television series and Black Twitter is… well… it’s creative excellence. I nominate it for everything. Tunji should be considered for everything. 

Yours in gossip,