Amal and George Clooney summer in Lake Como, Italy, where they famously have a villa. I say famous because they are famous and their friends are famous and they’re always hosting famous people. George has been doing this for a long time – he sounds like an outstanding, master class host. Give him a lifestyle brand. I would shop the f-ck out of a George Clooney lifestyle brand. He would know. He would have the best tips. 

This weekend, the Clooneys are hosting the Obamas. Barack and Michelle Obama have been on holiday with their daughters and other family members in Europe. After spending time in France, their next stop is Milan and on Saturday they’re to attend the Clooney Foundation for Justice charity dinner in Lake Como and according to the Daily Mail, extensive security measures are being put in place to ensure privacy. Basically the town is sealing off the area and imposing fines on anyone who tries to get pictures. That’s for the paparazzi. I wonder, though, if they’ll release any official photos from the event because there’s no way they won’t have an official photographer there. 

This would never happen but here’s the episode of 7 Days Out that I would want to watch: the Clooney security team and the Obama Secret Service agents working through the security plan. I’ve seen the Clooney security team at work – they’re great at their jobs and, at least in the few times I’ve seen, they’re not assholes about their jobs. In fact, I’ve actually observed one of his main protectors with a smile on his face, looking pretty relaxed, on a few occasions. It doesn’t mean he’s not aware, it’s just probably means that George doesn’t want his crew walking around scowling and aggro all the time. They are, undoubtedly, professionals. Where President Obama is concerned, though, they’d likely not be leading the strategy but ready to support. I just wish we could see how all of that is coordinated. It’s The Bodyguard meets In The Line of Fire.