George Clooney had a relatively quiet summer after promoting Catch-22. Of course he and Amal spent the summer in Lake Como and they entertained their high profile friends, including Barack and Michelle Obama, but for the most part, he was off-radar. During that time their twins celebrated their second birthday. Summer’s over now, the Clooneys returned to London about a week ago, and Amal was seen in New York for UN meetings yesterday while George is in Madrid shooting a new Nespresso commercial. As he might say… sounds about right, LOL. 

But look! He recruited a friend! Brie Larson is also on set with George, at one point they were filmed riding donkeys. Just yesterday I posted about Jennifer Lawrence’s Amazon gift registry recommendations, basically a brand partnership. There was a certain reaction to it, but it’s not like A List Oscar-winning actors haven’t been doing sponsorships for decades. It’s just that we got used to what those sponsorships looked like from a previous era. That still exists but they’re expanding the idea of what a commercial looks like. Jennifer Lawrence’s “commercial” for Amazon didn’t require her to be on location in Spain, on set, in the hair and makeup trailer, blocking shots, waiting to reposition the camera etc – not that that’s not valuable, important work, but it’s definitely a different use of time and resources. I’m curious how it balances out on the rate scale.