It’s Thanksgiving in Canada on Monday which means it’s a national holiday. We will not be posting on Monday. We will return to regular blog schedule on Tuesday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I watched a documentary a couple of years ago about professional athletes and how they don’t know how to manage their money. And I heard that some players’ associations are integrating programs into their services to help athletes become more financially aware – especially since, once they’re past their playing years, they need to be able to account for their expenses. In show business, managers are supposed to help with this. Sort of. But I feel like there should be a mandatory course for popstars. Becaues Iggy Azalea isn’t the only one who keeps charging anything and everything to her credit card. The problem is they would all be too arrogant to enroll. (Dlisted)

As we approach Halloween, more and more “most disturbing” lists are being released. What IS the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen? As a rule, I avoid horror movies. So I don’t know that I have a conventional list in terms of what’s considered disturbing. For example, I found The Wolf Of Wall Street disturbing – for its excessive celebration of f-cksh-t and assholes. But also? I love pimple and cyst popping videos. So maybe I’m not the best judge. (Pajiba)

Pink is the latest artist to speak out against Dr Luke. After Kesha, of course, and Kelly Clarkson has also shared that he’s “not a good person”. Those aren’t exactly small names in the business. But it still took way, way, wayyyyy too long for him to get to that threshold, the one I wrote about earlier in the Harvey Weinstein post. Just making sure you get the message: ONE is never enough. It has to be pileup before a powerful man can be challenged. (OMG Blog)

Kerry Washington is making two of this season’s trends happen with this one outfit. Plaid is big this fall. And red is big this fall. And she’s pairing the plaid with the thigh high red and… even though the red boot is not my favourite, I am here for this look. (Go Fug Yourself)

Someone is still trying to make Kim Cattrall look like an asshole. And they’re going to PEOPLE with all the tea. I don’t want it to be Sarah Jessica Parker. I don’t want to think that she would be actively furthering a campaign to villainise Kim for not being able to make Sex And The City 3. I do wonder why she’s so attached to that story though. Like why does she want to keep telling it? What more needs to be said?! (Cele|bitchy)

Everyone has a Harvey Weinstein story. A lot of people today are reading Rebecca Traister’s Harvey Weinstein story. It’s not just a story about Harvey but, again, a story about power – and what happens when the people who have it get off on it. (The Cut)