Gigi Hadid confirmed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night that she’s pregnant which… I don’t think there was any doubt at this point since her ma, Yolanda, also did an interview earlier this week and said she was excited about being a grandmother in September. A September baby, see!?


Was Gigi always intending to make her big reveal with Jimmy – and someone beat her to it? As she says off the top of the interview, this wasn’t how she and Zayn Malik wanted it to get out but they’re happy and they’re excited and whatever. 

Right but the “whatever” is what I’m interested in because, as we know, it was TMZ that broke the news and they even had it down to how many weeks pregnant she is which is why I was writing about her having a September baby. Someone out there is leaking and if you believe Gigi when she says it’s not the way she and Zayn wanted to announce it – and I do believe her because especially in this day and age, they ALLLLLL want to own their own content – then there’s someone in their circle who knew and blew it up.


And this is an issue celebrities always seem to conveniently avoid: for all their bitching about privacy and people all up in their business, there are people in their own camps who are telling us their business and, really, that’s on them, that’s on their own individual areas of the ecosystem and on them not running a tighter ship. In Jessica Simpson’s book, Open Book, she talks about John Mayer and how there was someone on her team who was the one who actually leaked it, without her authorization, that they were together in order to create publicity. Their relationship, as you know, was a tabloid fixation. And you can trace the start of it back to someone on the inside. Jessica’s example isn’t unique. But celebrities never want to acknowledge that there’s an information exchange system in place that was built by Hollywood players themselves that both creates and contributes to the frenzy around their personal lives. I’d love if someday we could have an honest conversation with celebrities about that.