While the other members of One Direction have been trying to produce a 1D reunion, Zayn Malik was producing a baby. TMZ broke the news yesterday - Gigi Hadid is pregnant, she and Zayn are expecting a child together. So far there’s no official confirmation but does Chrissy Teigen count? LOL. 


Here’s what Chrissy tweeted: 

And here’s what Chrissy clarified: 

I f-cking love her so much. And I love Gigi + Zayn so much. 

Gigi and Zayn started dating in late 2015. They’ve broken up a couple of times, most recently in 2018 or so. Last summer, Gigi spent a few a weeks with Bachelor Tyler Cameron. By November, however, there were reports that she and Zayn were talking again. And then, during the holidays, she was posting on Instagram that she was cooking dishes that she’d learned from Zayn’s mom, leading to speculation that she and Z were indeed back together. 


Two weeks after that, in early January, Gigi and Zayn stepped out together for his birthday: it was definitely back ON. As I said at the time, these two are like a Chinese or Korean romantic drama series come to life for me – it’s impossible to look away from them, it’s impossible to not believe that what he’s singing about in “Pillowtalk” is exactly how intense they are in real life. 

Intense is the word for it. As I’ve always said about couples when they get back together, you can’t just go back to what it was before. You either implode…or you escalate and take it to the next level. This is obviously next level supercharged. 

TMZ is saying that Gigi is 20 weeks pregnant, so about five months, right? On that timeline, then, it would have happened not too long after they reconciled, perhaps during the holidays. Holiday babies are born in September. I would know because I’m a holiday baby. Or at least I was conceived during the holidays. My birthday is September 26, my parents basically made me on New Year’s Eve. 


Gigi’s birthday was just a few days ago and people are now doing forensics on her birthday Instagram post for clues about the pregnancy. 

Some people are now wondering whether or not her birthday party was also a gender reveal because there’s a blue ribbon? Others are thinking it could be twins because she’s holding a “2” balloon? Is that Gigi’s thing though? Is she an Easter Egger? I mean I know she hangs with Taylor Swift who’s always planting and hatching Easter Eggs but is that Gigi’s jam? I feel like she just took a picture and posted it, you know?