I know all eyes are on Sandringham and we’re getting to the Oscar nominations in a bit but my teenage heart, currently obsessed with all the Korean and Chinese romance series on Netflix – to the point where it’s taking over my life and I have an embarrassing full-blown Twi-Hard crush on one of the actors – is preoccupied right now with the confirmation we got this weekend that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are indeed back together. Picture me throwing up a peace sign while hugging my teddy bear. 

So when did this start? If you weren’t around during the holidays, you might have missed my post on December 30 after Gigi shared on Instagram that she was cooking from a recipe she got from Zayn’s mother, tagging her and getting a repost in return. People were wondering about Gigi and Zayn prior to that but that’s when the speculation really got intense. And now, not two weeks later, they’re ready to legitimise the rumours. 

This weekend, Gigi and Zayn stepped out twice together – first joining her family for a birthday dinner and then last night they were seen celebrating Zayn’s birthday. They’re smiling, they’re walking arm in arm, they know that photographers are there, so there’s no mistaking it: this is a very public, yes, everyone, we’re back together and we are so happy together. 

Great. I’m happy too.  

Like I said, these two are straight out of my K and C drama dreams. They’re like animé come to life except that they have real sex instead of the chaste AF love scenes that my people, the Chinese, are all about. You know when there’s a kissing scene in a Chinese romance series, the girl barely opens her mouth? It’s my biggest gripe about my addiction, being the perv that I am, they can’t get the kissing to work, and it’s because of their kissing technique. Like not the individual actors but the standards (I guess?) that the actors have to observe – which is that Chinese girls probably shouldn’t be too assertive with the kissing or otherwise they’ll be seen as trash. Gigi and Zayn kiss real hot. Chinese romance dramas should watch the Pillowtalk video and model all their kisses after it.