Gigi Hadid walked the Anna Sui show at NYFW last night with one shoe. If this were an episode of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks would give a speech about how Gigi exhibited bravery, courage, professionalism and a true model spirit by powering through her wardrobe malfunction. It would be a lesson to all the other models about resilience and overcoming life’s obstacles. It would be so extra, as Tyra is.

It's a bit impressive how you can barely tell that Gigi is only wearing one obnoxiously high heel in this video:


Loving the one shoe πŸ‘  #gigihadid #annasui

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… but I care less about Gigi’s lost shoe than I do about analyzing her supermodel walk. Gigi is a supermodel. That is no longer up for debate. Before Instagram followers, a supermodel’s walk was her most valuable currency. Tyra Banks was known for her walk. Naomi Campbell’s million-dollar walk is legendary. So, who owns the catwalk in 2017? Even though Gigi can still pull out a solid strut with one shoe, it’s not either of the Hadids. And it’s not a Jenner. That title now officially belongs to Teyana Taylor.

Please, take a moment to appreciate the final walk of GCDS's presentation featuring the one, the only, the fiercest, the baddest, the Teyana Taylor:

Goddamn. All hail, the new queen of New York Fashion Week. The Hadids may have the hype but Teyana Taylor just SHUT DOWN that runway. I’m obsessed. Don’t ask me how many times I watched that video. She’s not walking the same high-profile shows that Gigi, Bella or Kendall are walking but solely through the sheer confidence and swagger she’s oozing through her walks, Teyana is getting headlines. Vogue did an entire post on her “jaw-dropping” Philipp Plein walk that is so extra, you just need to watch it yourself.

This may not be a fair fight because compare that with the Hadid sisters walking arm in arm to close the Anna Sui show.

Cute. But if this were an episode of America’s Next Top Model, who would Tyra and Miss J crown as the winner of a catwalk challenge?