Many others have written and spoken more eloquently that I have and will on this issue – Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line, which she’s branded and trademarked “Kimono”. A kimono has traditional and historical significance in Japan. And now Kim Kardashian is pretty much trying to redefine it, and steal it. Obviously this is wrong for a lot of reasons. One of them is because in using her platform to claim the word, given that she has so many fans, considering how visible she is, on a global scale, there is a very real possibility here that, going forward, whenever you hear the word “kimono”, you won’t associate it with Japanese custom anymore. Instead, you’ll think of Kim Kardashian. Which amounts to a deliberate erasure of cultural identity. (Dlisted) 

Does Gillian Anderson remind you of Princess Diana in this photo? That’s who came to mind for the Fug Girls. For me, the moment I saw this photo, I saw someone else. It’s not just the hair but her face, from this angle. Is it just me or do you see Meryl Streep? (Go Fug Yourself)

The cover of the new issue of Us Weekly is about the Church of Scientology. An anonymous former member is suing the church for abuse and other violations. The Church says there’s no merit to the claims. But over the last few years, Scientology’s reputation has taken a major hit. Word is they haven’t been as successful at recruitment which then affects their income. Of course you can’t talk about Scientology without talking about celebrity (they have a “celebrity centre”, after all) and their biggest celebrity member: Tom Cruise. Supposedly he knows EVERYTHING. Will this legal situation have an impact on him personally? (Cele|bitchy) 

Sneaker heels have been done before. And they can be cute. Think white, with red or blue laces, round toe, stacked heel. It’s not a look for every occasion but it can work on the right occasion. Sneaker platforms are totally every day wear now. But… sneaker kitten heels? This is heinous. I’m almost offended. (OMG Blog) 

I have a plant. His name is Abraham. I have talked about him before. I talk about him all the time. I think about him all the time. Because he’s an identity crisis. I don’t know what Abe is. He was supposed to be a gerbera and he’s not. Also he won’t stop growing. So I definitely need a “plant consultant”. (The Cut) 

Shameless self-promotion of the week! Refinery29 interviewed Duana and me about our friendship and our working relationship and how those lines cross and how we’ve been doing it for over a decade now. Holy sh-t we’ve been doing it for over a decade! (Refinery29)