Gina Rodriguez makes it look easy. Even when presenting with Shemar Moore, who seems like one of those dudes who gets more attention than he’s entitled to no matter what project is happening, she’s charming, cool enough, in a spectacular dress that makes lesser publications think truly terrible ‘Virgin? IDK’ headlines are okay, and in general is a person you’re delighted to see at all of these things without getting sick of.

Which is why it’s time to up the difficulty level. Phase One of Gina Rodriguez Is A Thing was Jane The Virgin becoming a hilarious hit you are absolutely missing out on. Phase Two was ‘I can, and I will’ – a consistent badass who kills it on the red carpet, on Twitter, and as a producer in all that spare time she has.

But now I’m looking for the next thing – I’m thinking a TV event biopic, like Kerry Washington playing Anita Hill last year, or sure, a movie but-the-right-movie, or most pertinently, and I will fully accept credit for magicking this into being…

Gina Rodriguez needs to host Saturday Night Live this year.

She can do it probably with her eyes closed. She will be funny, and game, and not that she needs to prove anything to anyone, but, as the dress kind of indicates, she’s more adult and out there than a show called Jane The Virgin might intimate.

I’ll be over here thinking of sketches they might put her in – maybe a woman who’s pissed off she’s always being dragged to musicals? I don’t know – and you catch up on how awesome she is, at @hereisgina first and foremost. As for the dress… it’s not my all-time favourite, but it’s executed flawlessly, which stands for a lot. I’m telling you. She can handle this level of celebrity stuff, no sweat – it’s time for her to level up.