Glen Powell celebrated his 35th birthday on Saturday, and I am once again reminded that he is friends with New Girl star Lamorne Morris. This is not new information, they are apparently good friends—probably goes back to the 2014 film Sex Ed, in which they both star—to the point of regularly vacationing together. It’s just one of those celebrity friendships that piques my curiosity. 


Glen Powell being friends with Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson and Chord Overstreet makes sense, there’s a certain amount of…maintenance in common. But Lamorne Morris is by all accounts a chill dude, pretty lowkey, except, apparently, when partying/vacationing with Glen Powell (who is high key all the time). I would just love to be a fly on the wall and observe what the f-ck they talk about.

Speaking of Glen Powell and relationships, Sydney Sweeney wished him a happy birthday on Instagram. Should we read anything into the fact this interaction took place entirely on Stories, guaranteeing none of it survives on their respective feeds? Is “fleeting” ultimately the nature of their situationship, or whatever it was? I have a whole conspiracy theory about what’s going on with Anyone But You, and why distributor Sony is going ahead with the release in December, when it is likely actors will still be on strike and unable to promote the film. 


But negotiations are resuming this week, maybe there will be a Halloween miracle and the actors’ strike will end just in time for December events, and we’ll get a whole bunch of new photo assumption for these two. But that’s my conspiracy theory—they don’t WANT any more photo assumption. Which, perversely, just makes me want to see it all the more. Show me what you don’t want to show me!