Kathleen was at Sundance for the first time a few days ago and before she left she kept asking me what to pack. I’ve worked Sundance three times, probably my least favourite assignment. Because it’s cold AF and it’s not easy to get around. So all I kept telling her was that it was cold AF and it’s not easy to get around and that that was my only fashion advice. When I was there I stopped giving a sh-t about how I looked within the first five minutes because everything was such a pain in the ass. 


Kathleen being Kathleen though, she kept it real cute! 

Like maybe the cutest fit at Sundance?! How about that for a birthday? 


Here’s a selection of Sundance fashion from the weekend, starting with Glen Powell who was there promoting Hit Man with his frequent co-collaborator Richard Linklater. As Sarah noted in her review of the film a few months ago, Glen can WRITE. He co-wrote and produced Hit Man with Richard and also stars in the movie and making the rounds in that capacity at the festival. It’s a good look for him, both professionally and sartorially. He looks great in this maroon set with the mustardy orange shirt underneath. 


Excellent for the location and the situation.


And then there’s Chrissy Teigen. While I was going off on Kathleen about how cold it was, she was in pyjamas left open to expose her bra. This could never be me. 


Me is more like Chiwetel Ejiofor – layers! But without compromising on style! Black turtleneck under a grey zip sweater under a grey sweater coat. I’m going to need this coat, it is perfect. 

Chiwetel Ejiofor attends the 2024 Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2024 in Park City, Utah

And finally, if there’s anyone who can rival Kathleen for best dressed, it’s Kerry Washington. The mortals are struggling in the deep freeze and Kerry’s breezing in with the most beautiful blue coat, matching blue turtleneck, a shiny Bordeaux suit, and the hair is giving, giving, giving. The weather is powerless in her presence.