Jonathan Majors, Glen Powell, and Joe Jonas were in Toronto earlier this week for the world premiere of Devotion. Glen is a producer on the film and during an interview with all three of them on The Social on Monday, he talked about how he decided to turn the book into a film after he and his family read it on a fishing trip. As a producing actor on the film, then, this is a major opportunity in his career – promoting a film at TIFF, just after the success of Top Gun: Maverick, leveraging all that momentum ahead of Devotion’s November 23 release. Which was supposed to be the release date of Creed 3, also starring Jonathan. Creed 3 has been delayed to March 2023, leading an open spot for Devotion and that’s a big week. American Thanksgiving weekend. So the studio must have some confidence it can perform. 


I didn’t have a chance to screen the film in Toronto but I can tell you I will definitely be seeing it in theatres, not necessarily because this is my kind of movie but because… well… I am very into the Jonathan Majors-Glen Powell combination, no disrespect to Joe Jonas but it’s Jonathan and Glen who really bring the chemistry in real life. These two are fun together. You can tell they have a lot of respect for each other, that they became close on the project. There’s an easy and relaxed vibe between them, a healthy amount of teasing and competition, and then, well, there’s the visuals. 

Yes Glen Powell is as attractive in person as he is on screen. Jonathan Majors is cute and sexy at the same time and also huge. As in tall and ripped. Which Simu Liu joked about a few weeks ago: 


The Avengers are indeed f-cked. Because Jonathan Majors is the MCU’s new big bad and he’s not a weird purple alien with a giant chin but a legitimately HOT villain who also happens to be one of the most sought-after actors working on Hollywood today. I think I might have to root for Kang the Conqueror, sorry not sorry. 

When I asked him about Simu’s tweet, Jonathan’s response was, “Watch your back”. That is correct. 

So here they are, Jonathan and Glen, my new favourite bromance, on the carpet at the Devotion premiere on Monday night. Look at them. How can they not be your new favourite bromance?

Also, Glen had almost his entire family there including his parents who have been practising posing, LOL.