Prince Andrew, who was friends with the dead rapist pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has reportedly not yet cooperated with investigators about Epstein’s crimes, despite insisting in an interview with BBC Newsnight that he’d be willing to participate. 

This morning in New York, Gloria Allred, who is representing a few of the women who were sex trafficked by Epstein to his network of wealthy and privileged men, held a press conference outside the New York Supreme Court with a message for the Queen’s beloved second son:

“My clients deserve the truth. They have been denied justice so many times over so many years, and there will be no justice without the truth. And there will be no truth unless Prince Andrew stops hiding from the FBI and from the public. This is unacceptable.”

She went on: “I implore you Prince Andrew. You must do the right thing and stop shaming your family – the Queen, your children. If you have done nothing wrong then just talk to the FBI.”

She also sent a message in another way: 

OMG. This bus is driving around Buckingham Palace. Apparently you can’t miss it. And even the Daily Mail had to report on it. Imagine how mortifying this is. For a family that shudders when someone uses the wrong fork, that there’s a school bus with Prince Andrew’s face on the side of it riding up and down the mall reminding people that he may or may not have had some connection to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking network. Mortifying, right?  

Well, you would think. But this sh-t has been going on for years, well before Epstein died. And it didn’t seem to bother them before. Right now they’re treating it like it’s a nuisance, like something that will and should pass, and then they can get on with putting Andrew back into the royal rotation. But every time they think it might be time, the story pushes back to the front page. And now they have to look for someone else to throw under the, um, bus. It’s been the same target now for months. So in the Sunday papers then, should we expect another exclusive, another Sussex takedown?