Jennifer Lopez, very famously, has that glow. And she’s had it for, literally, decades now. So as Maria noted in her post about JLo’s skincare line a few weeks ago, it obviously makes sense that she has one – it’s actually surprising it took this long. Most of the time, though, when we’re looking at JLo’s skin, it’s helped not only by her genes but by photographers and lighting and maybe even filters, especially on social media. Like almost everyone on social media, really. I mean, most of us are guilty of slapping a filter on our posts, non? Even JLo’s “no makeup selfies” are enhanced by really great lighting. 


She recently posted a video of herself taking off her makeup with her products and her skin does indeed look amazing by the end of it (although it seems she’s left her eye makeup on, which makes a difference) but lighting plays a big part here, in addition to the general golden softness of the shot. It also helps that the resolution is a bit low. 


This of course is NOT to take away from the FACT that JLo’s skin is 100% amazing for sure. My point, that I may have taken too long to come to, is that sometimes it’s the paps who give us the best proof of that. So here are some pap shots of JLo from yesterday, out for lunch after hitting the gym. She may be wearing some bronzer in these pictures but there’s really not much on her face. And the paps don’t give a sh-t about lighting her properly so the light isn’t exactly working in her favour and… well… as you see, or least from what my eyes can see, her skin is legit. If there is an enhancement, it’s the natural exercise enhancement. 

In my personal experience, I repeat, this is my personal experience, it doesn’t necessarily have to be yours, skin always looks better after a workout. I hate every f-cking minute of it, but when I look in the mirror afterwards, I love the flush. And it keeps paying off too, which I know is an annoying thing to say on January 13, and especially in the year 2021, but when I’ve been working out regularly, you can really tell in my skin. I started running again just before Christmas after basically doing jack sh-t from March to December of 2020. The effects showed up immediately on my face. Doesn’t make it any easier when I’m doing it, but in my case, and evidently in JLo’s too, it’s true that exercising does something to the pores.