Whenever I post a photo from Jennifer Lopez’s social media with a mention of her skin, someone will inevitably write in that it’s the work of a filter. I rebuke this. It’s JLo. She literally glows.

She’s been too famous and we’ve seen her in too many different scenarios and angles (from pap shots on the street coming out of the gym to at home lounging with her kids) to doubt her. I’m convinced that she’s so loyal to a nude lip because it enhances how creamy her skin is. Out of every celebrity product line I’ve written about (from deodorant to cat litter), this one – JLo Beauty – makes the most sense. As our site manager Emily wrote to me this morning, “Who the f-ck doesn’t want skin like JLo?” Who the f-ck indeed!


PEOPLE got the exclusive details. Her new product line is launching in gleaming packaging: a gel cleanser, a multitasking serum, a multitasking mask, non-stop wonder cream, broad spectrum SPF30, eye cream, complexion booster, and dietary supplement. The price ranges from $18US (mask) to $79US (serum), so not exactly drugstore level but also not top dollar. I would put this firmly in the mid-range section. 

Her impetus is, of course, the fact that people have been asking about her skincare routine for 20 years. I do not doubt this for one second. Look. At. Her. Skin. But as with all things beauty, there are other things at play: genetics (huge), her healthy lifestyle (no smoking and she has said in the past she doesn’t drink a lot), a nutrient-dense diet and her workouts probably all contribute to her face. There are also facials and, maybe, some lasers and even some very judicious injections (nothing severe or obvious). 

The skincare line also comes at a time when language like “anti-aging” is out – JLo calls herself “more mature.” She highlights her commitment to moisturizing (she credits olive oil), to inside-out care (hence the supplements), to all-age accessibility (she says Emme and her mom use the products), and to her perfectionism (the line has been in the works for three years, with 100 rounds of development). It is exactly the kind of work ethic and attention to detail we expect from Jennifer Lopez. 


Even during quarantine, she said she puts on a little bronzer at home. And her looks for virtual events, like the People’s Choice Awards, have been top-notch. She doesn’t take shortcuts, ever. If this product line performs as well as she does, it will be a massive success.

JLo Beauty drops January 1 with the two of the top stockists (Sephora and Amazon) so she’s ready to go for 2021. What’s selling out first?