Paul Rudd and Rashida Jones, who’ve been good friends for years, since at least the late 2000s when they were in I Love You, Man together, were photographed out for a walk together in London the other day. According to the paps, they were on an informal literary tour, walking past residences of writers like Yeats and Plath. Not sure if it was intentional or if that was just the direction they decided to go in. We don’t get a lot of pap shots of Paul Rudd, not enough to be commensurate with his popularity – or at least his online popularity. Have you noticed that Paul Rudd seems to trend every three or four months or so? Once a year it’s for his birthday, which is when everyone is all like, what? He’s that age? And he hasn’t changed a bit? And then sometimes it’s not his birthday but someone will see a photo of him anyway and make the same observation: Paul Rudd looks the same! 


Sometimes, however, it’s for something completely random. Which happened just last month. Because of this tweet: 

I remember that day, I saw Paul’s name trending, and I was like, what now? Did he show up on a Zoom call again and people are freaking about his skincare regimen? And I was pleasantly surprised. This is a GREAT story. And while Seth has talked about it since, with Jimmy Kimmel, to my knowledge Paul has yet to share his side of the story. And there’s no doubt the next time he’s interviewed, it’s going to come up. 

As for why Paul’s in London – Ant-Man 3 is currently in production. The movie is currently scheduled for release February 2023.