Dear Gossips,

It was announced yesterday that the Grammy Awards, which were supposed to happen on January 31 have been postponed until March 14 due to the “deteriorating COVID situation in Los Angeles”. With current restrictions in place, and hospitals at capacity, there’s no way they’d be able to continue planning for the event safely. March 14, currently, is also the same day as the Screen Actors Guild Awards. People are now expecting the SAGs to shift dates too. 


The Golden Globes, then, will be the first awards show of the year in North America, as usual but unusual since they’re scheduled for February 28…for now. Experts are saying that LA has not yet seen the full extent of the post-holiday spike in cases; Hollywood productions were supposed to be resume next week or the week after. That is looking increasingly unlikely. So if the lockdown continues deep into January, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association may not be able to start preparing for the event in time for the date they have marked – although probably the Globes don’t require the same kind of production coordination as the Grammys with half of the show typically live performance. 

Speaking of the Globes though, these are the awards distributed by a group of about 90 or so journalists from outside of the United States with starf-cker reputations who very much enjoy the facetime they get with celebrities during award season – and celebrities have to show up to HFPA events on the campaign circuit as part of their run towards the Oscars. That’s not happening anymore. Or at least not in person. So will the HFPA actually decide on the Globes this year by watching the films and television series and basing their votes on that alone? Or… will there be, like, Zoom parties with celebrities and HFPA members that we’re not hearing about where people are jockeying for favour? Trying to decide whether or not I would want to watch one of these. Are the real-life schmoozers effective virtual schmoozers too? I’m a sh-tty schmoozer, in person and online. And what saves me at a party is the food table, that’s the safest place to be. Nowadays I’m not even sure if it’s polite to eat during a Zoom gathering. 

Yours in gossip,