Dear Gossips,

I did not expect to get that hype over Green Day’s performance at the American Music Awards last night. But Billie Joe Armstrong looked so good in that white jacket and sounded even better and then all those lyrics just came back to me like it was 1994 all over again. I suspect it was that way for a lot of other people too. And I don’t think it’s just an age thing, since Billie Eilish, who introduced the band, was born a whole seven years after Dookie was released. Also Post Malone, who knew all the words, who is now just 24 years old (making him a year younger than Justin Bieber – I KNOW, right?), was more into “Basket Case” than he was into winning his own AMA. 

I remember February 1994 very clearly. Dookie came out in February 1994. A couple of weeks later, Reality Bites was in theatres. Makes me want to dig through all my old boxes and pull out my plaid shirts and skater clothes – baby doll t-shirts under a cardigan and Airwalks. I don’t even think I’ve said the word “Airwalk” in at least 15 years. And if I wasn’t wearing those, I was wearing spaghetti strap, flower print dresses under a white tee with Buffalo sneakers. All of which has come back around now. 

But in 2019 I’m actually more attracted to Billie Joe. You? And I think I have to buy a pair of Airwalks now. 

Yours in gossip,