This week on Show Your Work, Duana and I talked about Greta Gerwig’s Little Women and whether or not it would become the definitive movie version of the book. We’ve been leaving room for Little Women in the Oscar race and last night it screened at SAG-AFTRA to a full house. The reaction is as expected. Word is the film is a delight and we have confirmation – Little Women WILL most definitely be a contender. Which sets up some interesting races. 

Greta could now receive her second Best Director Oscar nomination in three years. In a category that rarely includes women, this is a big deal. Then there’s Laura Dern, who’s already tapped for a nomination in the supporting category for her work in Marriage Story but apparently she’s great in Little Women too – so will she competing against herself, and how does she make the call, choosing one performance over the other to put her energy and resources into? Laura is closely associated with the Academy, she understands what the Academy looks for. Marriage Story is Netflix. Little Women is Sony. And you know how the Academy feels about Netflix compared to the other studios. Is that the safer bet? I would love to be an Oscar strategist considering this dilemma. 

Next, of course Saoirse Ronan is going to be in the conversation for Best Actress. She’s been nominated three times before. The Academy obviously loves her. Now she’s staring down her fourth nomination before her 26th birthday. 

And we’re not done – because a LOT of buzz following last night’s screening is about Florence Pugh, who plays Amy. We at LaineyGossip have been waiting for Florence Pugh’s major breakthrough for a while now. Sarah called her a “complete package” last year. And there are many who believe that her performance in Little Women is so strong she could be in the race, also in the supporting category. And that’s especially interesting because Amy is the one – SPOILER ALERT, and if you’re mad at this… seriously??? – who ends up with Laurie. There are a lot of people who have a lot of feelings about this because Jo and Laurie are their OTP. If Florence’s Amy is winning people over, you can imagine the power of her talent. 

Speaking of Laurie, Timothee Chalamet was there too last night, seeming to very much enjoy being the only dude among all the women. 

Timmy is pulling double duty, beginning promotion for Little Women while continuing promotion for The King. Earlier this week, he was in London, at a screening for The King and hanging out with Brad Pitt: 


Brad’s production company, Plan B, is one of the producers of the film. This was a treat for some people – seeing Timmy with Brad. I’m attaching these photos with this post because I don’t have access to the Little Women screening photos and I’m sorry about that because in a post about a film that focuses on women, I’m showing you pictures of all men and I get the disconnect there. This is an administrative constraint, and I apologise.