You know what’s a tease? Reading that Elon Musk and Grimes have ‘changed’ their baby name, after the inexplicable X Æ A-12 failed to crown them as the visionaries of the future they obviously hoped they’d be. 


So, a name change. Relatable! Human! 

….or not, given that the ‘change’ is that the name is now X Æ A-Xii, per Grimes in the comments of a theoretically unrelated post here. Which apparently she followed up with a comment about how Roman Numerals look better. 

Except it… still means your kid’s name is roughly “Exash-A-Twelve”, whether you use Roman or Arabic numerals. And if it’s just that you found out you’re not able to add numerals in an official California birth certificate, I mean… you don’t necessarily have to tell us that you messed up in a small logistical way, but you could, and I promise we won’t start thinking of you as ‘normal’ or ‘just like us’ – you’re most assuredly not. 


To the point where usually I’d say that within a few months they’re going to get tired of saying, rather than writing, this name, just calling him ‘X’, or God forbid, ‘Twelvie’ or something. But these two are weird enough (remember when she said they weren’t revealing the baby’s sex even though he’d already announced it?) that they probably will go ahead and militantly correct everyone who even attempts to say it out loud, for years to come or at least until people stop bothering to make the effort and know better than to say ‘what’s his name?’ 

In short, Musk & Grimes gonna Musk & Grimes. Also, watch them name their next kid, like, ‘Ellipsis’.