There was a story that came out a couple of weeks ago with a misleading headline about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. According to Us Weekly, “quarantine has stretched them to the limit”, supposedly because they bought a house and moving sucks, even for celebrities. It sounded like a make-a-drama story to fill space, at least to me. Because this is a woman who loved Gavin Rossdale for a long, long, long time. Given the ups and down in that relationship, and all of Gavin’s f-cksh-t, what could Blake Shelton possibly throw at her that would “stretch her to the limit”?!


Anyway, here’s Gwen at the grocery store with her kids the other day which is the real reason I’m posting about her: I also love Gwen’s casual steeze and I love this outfit. I love the fit of these jeans. The fit, I said. Not the tacky embroidering on either side, lol. Maybe that’s just my bias though because my ma wears jeans like that with the tacky embroidering up and down the leg, Asian auntie styles. The fit, however, is perfect on Gwen. There’s your dilemma. What if you found the most ideal jeans fit ever… but they came with some sh-t graphics all over them? 

On top of the jeans, I also really like the hang of her tank top. And the classic Vans. Forty years from now, I still expect Gwen to be wearing Vans, just like she has since the very beginning. I’ve worn many Vans through the years and currently have a couple pairs in rotation …but I’ve never, ever had a pair of the checkboard slip-ons. They come in green now, like a really good green. May have to reconsider.