Yesterday was Justin Bieber’s birthday. He’s now 24 years old. He and Selena Gomez were not seen together but she did post a message on Instagram: 


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It looks like the polaroid is a photo of them kissing. And the “boom” means…what? Well, up until yesterday, neither had overtly acknowledged their reunion publicly. So I think the “boom” is kinda like, yeah, world, we’re back together. And this is official official official confirmation. Wait but Selena also ended up deleting a follow-up post of the number “24” on balloons with a wall of selfies of the two of them together through the years. So, wait, maybe it’s not official official official, three times. Maybe it’s just one official? 

Also celebrating a birthday yesterday – Brad Falchuk, engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow. And she too posted a birthday message for him on Instagram. I got an email about this from Jonathan, a longtime reader of this blog, that made me laugh. Here’s what Jonathan wrote: 

Dear world, 

I win. Always. 


Have you seen the picture she chose? 


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Let’s just recap G’s life: her parents are established and acclaimed Hollywood veterans; her godfather is Steven Spielberg; she won an Oscar when she was 26 years old; she dated Brad Pitt when he was super hot; she dated Ben Affleck when he was super hot; she dated Chris Martin when Coldplay was hot; she started her own lifestyle brand; she’s friends with Beyonce; she divorced Chris Martin and is now, in her 40s, engaged to a man who is successful in his own right, wealthy in his own right, who isn’t too young, isn’t too old, and looks like this with his shirt off. 

So you know, you KNOW, this birthday-gram, sure, was about celebrating his birthday, but wasn’t it also, as Jonathan notes, a celebration of self? 

Take a deep breath, go for a run, try to unclench your teeth. There will be more of this. She’s not done. She’s never done.